Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What makes you cry?

Sep 18th  (196 words)
“Dear God, in a world of many gods how do we say there is only one true God?  They won’t hear us.  They will automatically think that their gods of wood and paper and stone and metal and ice are the same as our God – the same as you.  Many will hear that we worship the one true God – and assume we are people without love, citing all the wars caused by people who believed they were following the only true God.”

This is not that.

“Honestly God, I’m tired.  Sometimes I feel like crying.  Added to this is the pressure that as a man, I’m in a society that largely thinks I shouldn’t be crying… that it is a sign of weakness… that I’ve cracked under the pressure.  Jesus, you cried.  That must mean that there are situations where it is okay for men to cry.”

Instead of crying – I sit here in a coffee shop – Who is the one true God?  How can you find him in the cacophony of all kinds of religions and philosophies…? 

Answer: God finds you. 

“God, I have a lot of people I want you to find!”

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