Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11th - and the end of the world

Sep 11. (350 words)
Where were you September 11th when disaster struck?
I was in Africa – and I heard the news from our missionary friends – working three houses down from us.
What was the disaster at the Twin Towers all about?  Terrorist evil?  American greed?  An undercover conspiracy?  All the above? 

From where we stand today, does the future look brighter or more uncertain?  Can we answer: “All the above”?  Is it possible for us to have an uncertain (even evil) future while at the same time believing it to be a brighter future? 

Before writing this post I wanted the focus to be on water – and the lack of rain the world is getting right now.  I wanted to encourage water-saving ideas, and when it does rain – for us to offer up thanks to God for every single raindrop.  

Reading the news last night I then thought about opening up the questions about Russian/Chinese aggression…

Could there be a connection between September 11th, the global rain problems and nations gearing up for war?  I think so.  “How does this offer us a bright future?” you might ask.

Very simply: we believe Jesus is coming back soon.  There might be a flash of suffering – but the bigger picture is one of undeniable hope and eternal glory. 

A flash is something that lights up the room so that an accurate picture can be taken (think of a camera flash or a lightening flash or a flash-light). 
The flash of present persecution the third world is now experiencing, and the legal foundation in our own society preparing for future persecution, and the anti-Christian media that is more and more popular – gives us a picture of a sinful world rebelling against God. 

Sinful world in rebellion against God – each word is heavy but the statement can easily be put away with dogmatic extremism.  It is more like a weatherman’s assessment of the clouds.  God gives us his assessment of the weather systems brewing.  And in his assessment Revelation 19, 20, 21, and 22 promise hope for us who live in and out God’s perfect love!

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