Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Aug 21st (397 words)
“Dear God, we really need your presence. We need your strength as life complicates itself.  We need your wisdom for navigating the maze of realities that open up.  The story-lines are competing for our attention.  We need your love in order to sing a different song from the society around us.  Make our feet dance to a different rhythm.”

What is wrong with society?  What is wrong in society?  Where is the social-life-world going? 

You will give different answers to these questions depending on the story you believe in your deepest being.

If you believe many of the stories of Disney you might answer that nothing is wrong with society – that this universe follows Norse Mythology – that Good and Evil [capitalized as eternal forces] are always equally at odds and equal in strength [Starwars and many of the Marvel Superheroes].  We are now locked in the struggle of good and evil – and one without the other is absurd.  Ying-yang is all that exists and should exist – whether you like it or not. 

Another Disney theme says that what is wrong with society is anything that goes against infatuation and free sexual expression.  You might not have consciously picked this up from movies like Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp and Aladdin (I’m dating myself…).  This storyline makes romantic love the ultimate goal of everything.  Quickly: this distorts love from a sacrificial decision to work for the good of another to a warm-fuzzy feeling – most clearly expressed in sex.  I reject this story-line.

There is a newer, third story-line most clearly shown in the movie Frozen.  This is perhaps the most ambitious story-line of Disney.  It is one where you become your own god – you become your own authority – you self-author your story.  You can do what you know to be right, regardless of what the gods have said.  This expression sounds the most self-empowering – the best… but it hides a stubborn refusal to submit to God and his authority. 

What is our story?  It is worked out clearest in the Bible – from Genesis to the final book of Revelation.  Our story is all about knowing God – and being known by Him (submitting to his blueprints for our lives).  Dancing with God is our greatest destiny – and he is not a tame dance partner. 

How he loves us – he is jealous for us!


Love him too!   

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Preparing for Heaven's crisis

Aug 14th (253 words)
What is it that is coming? [I asked this last week]  The ground is rumbling – like the sound of a big truck passing along the road – or an earthquake.  Though there is a distant sound of big engines moving big machines – you can hear a deeper, stronger hum.  It is a melody that is in tune with life as it was meant to be lived.  You can’t hear the sound if you have your i-phone music turned up too loud. 
What is coming? 

If you know what is coming it can help you prepare. 

What is coming?

The victory of God is coming.  God is over the monstrous machines of this world – even if they don’t know it – and he will judge them!  His melody is deeper and richer than the consumerist machines.  It is fuller and sweeter than the desire to be your own god (your own authority).
This music is the coming Day of the Lord.
It will be a terrible day for some.
For heaven, it will be a celebration! 

I could talk about the short time of persecution that will come before the victory of God – but these are the machines men have built (corporate, national, political, educational machines) – which will accomplish God’s plan whether they know it or not.

Rejoice people of God, for the Day of the Lord is dawning – a light is mounting in the East – as the end of pain and suffering draws near.

Persevere Church of God!  Stand fast in God Himself!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Preparing for a world crisis

Aug 7th (237 words)
What is coming?  The ground is rumbling.  There is a distant sound of big engines moving big machines.  They are moving closer and closer.  What is coming? 

When you know what is coming it can help you make an adjustment in order to prepare. 

Do we know what is coming?  Do we have an idea of what the future holds?  I believe so. 

I believe - God exists.  He has revealed himself to us.  He has worked in history to save us by Jesus.  He has given us his Spirit to help us.  He has told us what is coming and how to prepare!

How do we prepare for what is coming?  Jesus sent his disciples out like sheep going into the wolf-pack.  Mat 10:16 – “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves…”  How did they prepare for this?  I think the assumption is that they stay close to the shepherd.  

We prepare for the world-crisis (how do you write this in the plural form? – more-than-one-world-crisis)… We prepare for the many crises in the world by staying close to God.  

He knows what is really going on.  He knows the part he wants us to play – the role for us that he has written in his play-book.  Know God, know yourself, and love – love God, love others! 

Happy August everyone.