Thursday, January 31, 2019

Warming winter up

Jan 31st  (212 words)
End of January.  It seems to me a little momentous.  End of January – then comes the end of February – and March arrives.  Is this a count-down until the end of the winter months?  I must be growing old – winter used to be my favorite season.  Now I’m longing for green grass and blue skies…

“Dear God, give me eyes of faith to look past the snow, down into the earth – to see the seeds and flower bulbs waiting to burst out.  Give me eyes of faith to look ahead to the new heavens and the new Earth – when it will be paradise.  Give us energy and strength to persevere and even prosper this winter.  Help us God!”

We’re looking at the resurrection.  This is a spring-time subject – as new life bursts from a dead frozen ground.

“Thanks God that winter isn’t the end.  It’s only a season.  Death isn’t the end.  God, your resurrection power is also at work in our own lives.  You brought Jesus up from the dead, and you are bringing us up from our old lives – into a new life – of heavenly citizenship.  Let me warm up the people around me with your love.  When I’m cold, I need your ongoing love to melt my heart.”

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