Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snow, hot chocolate and seatbelts

Jan 23rd (273 words)
Here in Quebec, the weather has been monopolizing much of the conversation – intruding like an excited puppy.  There is something that I find cozy about being caught in the grip of a storm.  It’s a nice feeling for many in North America because for people sitting at home in front of a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands there is very little risk to our lives.
This wasn’t always the case.  I’ve read stories that showed how a century or two ago terrible storms would have posed a much greater risk for people’s survival.

I’ve been struck not only with the beauty of the snow, but also how it poses certain dangers.  In the snow storm of Saturday, Sunday and Monday – I saw cars getting stuck in the city of Cowansville – trying in vain to go up small hills. 

In most of these discussions we can be amazed at the degree to which humanity has been able to innovate and develop methods of surviving – even thriving – in the cold.  Even an invention as simple as a seat-belt – has saved lives.  Today people walk out of a twisted wreck of a car – because God had endowed humanity with the ability to innovate ways of protecting human life. 

Some people arrogantly see this as people thwarting God – but that’s just like a silly goose.  God gave us the intelligence to thrive in the world he has made!  Our innovations only give him more glory!

Glorify God for the snow, safe homes, warm fires, cups of hot chocolate, and seatbelts.  Drive safe – and thank God for all his gifts!

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