Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 26th  (336 words)
Are you beautiful inside – beautiful like a sunset… beautiful like a misty lake at 5 in the morning… beautiful like a butterfly?  Do you know the one who makes things beautiful?  Jesus makes things beautiful because he gives us his beauty – he shines his light in us and through us.

I start this blog with very little idea of where it is going. 
I start it with a song in my head.  Katie Herzig: Beautiful Inside

It is a romantic song sung about love – directed toward another who is beautiful inside.
Reading between the lines – and singing the song as if it is sung from God to us gives a new spin for my fatigued soul.  Reading the lyrics… actually shows me that the song doesn’t fit perfectly for my context and for this post… but I do need to hear this one little phrase.  Because of what Jesus has done: I’m beautiful inside.

Hearing the phrase sung to the moving tune of Miss Herzig adds a delight that can only come from God for this weary soul.  When you have been saved by Jesus – he makes you beautiful inside. 

It’s the last week of work before vacation.  The only reason this is relevant is that it gives you a little more context to my post – writing before a much-needed rest!

Here is a great-big-theology-word for you: Justification.  This means being clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ.  This means that the stain of sin is wiped clean.  This means that the heart-home where the Holy Spirit lives – my life which is the indwelling place of God – has been made beautiful by a God-made-miracle. 

Here I am connecting two things: righteousness and holiness equal beauty.  This is the song God is singing to me – and you get to listen in.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let God make you beautiful inside!

Here is another you-tube song that applies! 
Jesus makes beautiful things (A Gungor Lyric Video)

be beautiful!

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