Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19th    (words297)
You decide if there is an erosion of the right to be Christian in Canada:  The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that the law societies of the different provinces can bar law students graduating from Trinity Western University’s law program. They are saying that because the Christian university has a code of conduct – that requires students to act by Christian values – their law program discriminates against the LGBTQ community. 

What does this mean?
A Christian University doesn’t have the right to train the lawyers of our country – or to say this another way: Canada doesn’t allow lawyers to get a Christian-based training.

Christianity loses another legal battle in Canada as our rights are slowly and systematically eroded. 

Erosion happens when water constantly flows over crumbling ground. 

So what?

Positive directions: In a few years Canada will be like the vast majority of nations around the world!  Wow – Canada will be like everyone else in its approach to the Gospel – and followers of the Gospel

The exceptional circumstances that created Canada – as a nation based on Christian values are crumbling and we will soon find ourselves in a situation that Christians have faced throughout the hundreds and thousands of years.

Let’s not be surprised by the turn of events happening in Canada.  We should have expected a non-Christian nation to go against Christ!

Let’s shock our nation by still loving – being unmoved in our commitment to love our neighbor as ourselves – to stick to a life of holiness – to stay within a Christian ethic that stays connected to God’s design for his creation.  I still say God is the builder of humanity – he should have a say in how his building is used.

Loving the LGBTQ community can be one of our greatest privileges!  

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