Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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A contextual message, developing a Canadian theology confronting and responding to culture’s context…
OUR Reality

Companies and corporations are crafting human thought so it establishes in us the assumption that we need the extra widgets only it can provide.
What is common ground among the companies and corporations is consumerism, reducing people to appetites to be fed?
when consumerism is applied to people it results in:
            a drug-filled culture and
            women being treated as objects to be consumed by men

Pro-abortionist arguments exchanged in a silo of white people fail to see the broader global context:
            a tool first intended to give their women choice and control over their bodies
            has become a weapon gripped by male-dominated circles for the death of helpless girls

Entertainment industries provide Canadians with enough static noise that we don’t notice the shouts and cries of people suffering and in desperate need.  Killing, wars, tragedy, starvation, violence, silence and hunger exists as the daily bread of so many millions.  But we go back to our regularly scheduled broadcast… the next hit of Netflix, Youtube or our satellite cable provider.  We go back to the war and fantasy games that promote the violence we refuse to hear elsewhere.

Canadian history – a violent victory over now-subjugated first nations – is about the prosperity of ancestors who naively and innocently stole land, money, food, culture, and life itself from their defeated enemies. 

Christianity is being associated with progressive, expansionist, hungry companies or countries, wanting to exploit weaker people for their own benefit.  Christians mistake the greedy acts of a secular state for the hand of God bringing justice.  Can warships bring the love of Jesus?  Can democracy be forced on anyone? 

Sheep follow the wolves… why do they do that?  Where is their shepherd?

The Church of Jesus sleeps on a bed made of electronic gadgets while…
it drowns in stories crafted for fun

All religions are said to be expressions of one God.  Any intolerant voice is thought to originate from an unenlightened goof.  Tolerance as a Canadian dogma silences Christ and paints his portrait from better celebrity models  

A tsunami of Russian, Chinese, Islamic expansionist idealism will soon wake up our North American dream – we’ll find ourselves in the poverty and desperation normal for everyone else in the world.  

It’s not too late to do something – but it might be too difficult.  We’ve been so shaped by corporations who want us kept in a continual state of passive dependence.  The call to rise up and make a change in our lifestyle so you can make a difference falls on deaf ears.  It can hardly be heard let alone acted on.

What do you think?

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