Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 8th (262 words)
Have you ever chased one of your dreams?
It is easy to forget what is important when so much time is spent in what is urgent.
Many of you have probably heard this before - I have heard it often.  Let's bring up the subject again.  In order to chase a dream, we need to look beyond our daily, waking reality. 
If we have a conviction that something is important in life we shouldn't let the daily grind wear down our resolve to make time for it.

What is important to you?
Is it getting crowded out by things that are not as important?
Are things that seem urgent crowding your life so much that you are unable to stick with what is more of a priority?
are there time-wasters that are simply gnawing away at the vitality of your living hours?

God is showing me an underlying pattern of laziness in my life, and I am repenting.

I find it easy to be unmotivated... to lose my focus... to get along with doing the minimum may-be because I'm tired or distracted...
"I am sorry about this God.  Help me continue to pursue holiness and faithfulness and the great good that you have prepared in advance!"

One of the dreams that lie before me is developing my art - copper wire trees.  I'd like to develop people's involvement in art - creating a touch-art-experience. 
What are some of your dreams?  What are your God-gifts that might be lying dormant but have been crowded out for one reason or another?

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