Wednesday, October 31, 2018

In your best interest?

Oct 31st (472 words)

A couple thoughts are interconnected in my mind I think… There are some people and some professions that are experts – and because they are the experts they have the “authority” to tell you what you need.  Then because human nature can be so crooked – they find more things wrong than are actually necessary.  Some examples can help illustrate this.  It is in their best interest for mechanics to find more things wrong with your car than actually exist… They get more money for finding more things wrong (green motivation).  A trustworthy mechanic is golden!

Another example I’ve seen are dentists.  They are the teeth experts.  If they tell you what you need – you are stuck listening to them… unless you go find another dentist.  When we did this – 6 or 8 cavities in my daughter’s teeth were actually only 2.  We are presently happy with our dentist…  A good dentist is golden.

I am wondering if this danger will ever apply to our doctors.  Will they ever tell us: you need to die – so take this pill?  Legally they cannot say that right now.  Will there ever come a day when the business side of our free healthcare punch in a mathematical calculation that says: your medical condition is too expensive – so we the experts say that you need to die? 

How much is a life worth?
Has there ever been a time in our history when the doctors said: “There is nothing more we can do...” when in reality, what they should have said is: “The Canadian government doesn’t pay for any more treatments for your condition”?

I have a huge respect for the medical profession.  A good doctor is golden!  I have no doubt that all the doctors I have seen personally were doing their best to care for me and my life.  It isn’t the doctors I’m concerned about – it is the system that surrounds our free healthcare – I am afraid of a day when mathematical calculations replace human care.  Let’s work to make sure this day never comes!

One cannot place a number figure on the value of your life!  Your self-worth isn’t calculated based on what you are able to accomplish.  You are of infinite value!  You are so valuable that Jesus died for you!

I am glad that our God is the great doctor!  He still makes home visits.  When I was a child we had an amazing doctor that once made a home visit for me!  Now my doctor takes care of not just my soul and spirit but my body as well. 

“Thanks, God.  Help me also take care of this temple of the Holy Spirit – your body.  God, keep the human experts of our bodies honest and true.  Give them a bigger sense of the value of each human life!”

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