Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Preparing for Heaven's crisis

Aug 14th (253 words)
What is it that is coming? [I asked this last week]  The ground is rumbling – like the sound of a big truck passing along the road – or an earthquake.  Though there is a distant sound of big engines moving big machines – you can hear a deeper, stronger hum.  It is a melody that is in tune with life as it was meant to be lived.  You can’t hear the sound if you have your i-phone music turned up too loud. 
What is coming? 

If you know what is coming it can help you prepare. 

What is coming?

The victory of God is coming.  God is over the monstrous machines of this world – even if they don’t know it – and he will judge them!  His melody is deeper and richer than the consumerist machines.  It is fuller and sweeter than the desire to be your own god (your own authority).
This music is the coming Day of the Lord.
It will be a terrible day for some.
For heaven, it will be a celebration! 

I could talk about the short time of persecution that will come before the victory of God – but these are the machines men have built (corporate, national, political, educational machines) – which will accomplish God’s plan whether they know it or not.

Rejoice people of God, for the Day of the Lord is dawning – a light is mounting in the East – as the end of pain and suffering draws near.

Persevere Church of God!  Stand fast in God Himself!

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